Our Offers :

Going beyond traditional home buying

Subject to terms and conditions

KK Partners or associates will offer:

A simple and unconventional way to fiancé your home without all the usual complications

Interest Free Home Developer Loans

Subject to a minimum 35% deposit and the balance over up to 20 years by monthly instalments and God forbid, if you face financial problems or in the event of financial crises you are protected against any action to repossess or auction your home  

Rent to Buy

Unable to buy your home at the moment? Then you can rent your home until such a time you can finance it and your accumulated rent will go towards your deposit

Buy to Rent

You may use our interest free offer to purchase and rent out your home

Invest in The Drive

You can also invest a 5 year term in our development with a guaranteed minimum return of 5% on your investment

For more details please contact us